Reliable Credit Solutions - Reliable Credit is no Reliable salution

Wheatland, Wyoming 0 comments

I needed a short term loan.I have laond from them before 10,000.

I paid that loan off never late. I had some unexpected experience and they belittled me on my financial situation why they would not grant me a small loan when I paid of the last one with the same income? Why did they fell it necessary to kick me when I'm down? They scoffed at my situation and made me feel two inches tall.

So thanks Reliable Credit of Boise ID, You send me letters once a month saying I'm a valued client telling me if I need a loan to let you know how you can help, and in a time of need I get laughed at.I can stand rejection but add insult and complete disrespect and that is another thing.

Sincerely Pissed.

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